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Visa invitation for Business
Tourist invitation for Russia


Russian tourist visa

Russian work permit and visa (multi)

  • Work visa to Russia is required to be employed in Russia legally. It also allows staying in Russia within 1 year without need of exit every 3 months. It is not easy for employer to get a work permit and a work visa for a foreign employee. We assist you in it.

    What is a Russian work visa

Russian business visa

Visa Registration in Russia

  • Visa registration is obligatory in Russia. Every time you enter Russia you must get your registration within 7 days regardless of how many days you are planning to stay here. When moving from one city to other another registration must be completed.
    For visa registration, you are required to send us to email a copy of your passport, visa and migration card (must be obtained at passport control).
    Your visa registration will be ready next working day & we may send it to you by e-mail.


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Russian visa

Visa to Russia

LLCentre - Russian Visa Services

Visa for Russia is a document which you must have to travel to Russia on business or leisure, or even may be to work. Russian visa is an obligatory document unless you do not have visa-free entry to Russia.  Our company provides all types of Russian visa invitations for business, travel and work visas to Russia

How to get a visa to Russia

You can get your Russian visa at Russian consulate. Only Russian consulates are authorized for issue visas to Russia. To apply for your Russian visa you can bring yourself your documents and Russian visa application to the Russian consulate. Many Russian consulates may receive your Russian visa application sent by post service. Before going to the Russian consulate, consult visa requirement for Russia at the official web-site of the consulate or call them to ask your question to a visa department of the Russian consulate. Usually you are required to present your visa invitation for Russia, your passport, your Russian visa application form and 2 photos. The list of documents may vary depending on the country of your residence. But always the main reason to apply for your Russian visa is your visa invitation for Russia.

Russian visa invitation – visa support

Russian visa invitation, also known as Russian visa support, is an official document which states the purpose of your travel to Russia and also terms of your visit. Your visa invitation for Russia may be for business visa or for travel visa. Business visa invitation for Russia may be issued on a special official paper form processed by Russian Foreign Ministry or by Migration Service. Some times business visa support, ie visa invitation, may be sent via telex from Russian Foreign Ministry to the consulate, in this case you can apply for your Russian visa with a number of your telex visa invitation. Business visa invitation can be for a single, double or multiple entries visa for 1,3,6 or 12 months.

Travel visa invitation, also known as a tourist voucher, is issued only in paper form, but many times Russian consulate admits it in copy – there is no need to obtain the original from Russia. Only authorized Russian travel companies may issue travel or tourist vouchers for a single or double entry travel visa